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Be Still My Alien Heart
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This book was something special to me. Not only way the romance and the actual plot good, but the social issues it hit was perfect. The book really highlighted the flaws of not only our society but the general idea of all societies. No society is without its flaws. I also loved how it highlighted how the government behaves and the ridiculousness religion can invoke. For instance, Aelyx uses Bible quotes to project a purpose which just goes to show that just because someone uses a quote from the Bible, doesn't mean it has any validity to it. (I mean no offense to anyone, I'm just speaking my opinion.) Anyway apart from the social aspects, the book was also phenomenal. I loved the way Cara and Aelyx's relationship progressed. At first they were pretty offstandish, but then they eventually came to love each other. The same can be said about Aelyx. He really became more "human" and I enjoyed the love and humor he started to develop. One thing I can't get over is how Tori just did a complete 180. How could a best friend completely change themselves like that?
So overall I really did enjoy this book and I would recommend it.
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