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Be Still My New Heart
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This book was hilarious. Normally I don't read book from male point of views, but this book was an exception. I really enjoyed the humor in this book. There was nothing extremely exceptional about the writing but it was still a really enjoyable book. One thing however that I really found neat was how the last words of the chapter made up the title of the next chapter.
Now to the actual plot. It really wasn't anything that special. I'm glad Travis was able to rekindle his friendship with Kyle and help Kyle recognize his true feelings. Also I really enjoyed Hatton. Hatton was funny and despite being "not cool" he really made the best out of high school. It really bothered me how immature Travis was when it came to Cate and pining after her. As a sixteen year old myself, I am surrounded by guys my age at school and I have a twin brother. I cannot foresee a guy being that crazy over a girl. I am satisfied with the way the book ended and how Travis came to terms with everything.
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