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"World After" Review
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Just like the first book, I loved "World After" Penryn was a badass and Raffe was enjoyable per usual. I really didn't enjoy the beginning of the book. It seemed slow to me and because it lacked Raffe I didn't enjoy it. As soon as he came back into the picture, I was happy. For instance, the scene where he carries her while they were flying.... [Be still my beating heart.] I kind of figured Penryn and Paige would develop into more important characters and gain "powers". (I'm 100% Penryn is a prophet of some sort or a warrior.) I really don't like Paige though. She just seems to make everything more difficult. The mom... I kind of enjoy her. She is almost like comedic relief in a sick, twisted way. Per usual, the humans pissed me off. Their lack of loyalty and human like characteristics puzzled me. I really want to know what the end game for the angels is. Why did they start the Apocalypse? Why is Judgement Day so important?
My favorite moment in this book was watching the couch scene from Raffe/the sword's point of view. My heart swooned so much.
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