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(Updated: December 04, 2014)
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The book The House of the Scorpions by Nancy Farmer is a fantastic book. Matt is a clone of a drug dealing lord. While Matt is being taken care of in a hidden place where he to stay in all day so no one finds out about him, he gets discovered. Celia who is always taking care of Matt is like a mother too him, but one day Matt is found and gets taken away from Celia. He is kept in this cellar by a woman named Rosa. Rosa treats Matt like a filthy animal since he is just a clone and no one knows he is El Patron's clone the drug dealing lord. While Matt was taken by Rosa everyday he sees Maria the youngest daughter of Senator Mendoza who is a powerful senator. Matt falls in love with Maria, but he doesn't like how she is always abused by her "boyfriend" Tom even though they are just young children. As Matt gets older he learns a lot more stuff and earns a body guard named Tam Lin which El Patron gave him. Matt soon finds about the dark secrets that El Patron has kept from his and he decides to flee from El Patron's grasp since he is El Patron's property. He ends up in a factory where he thinks he can't get out. This book had me waiting to read every page and finding to find out. Everything in the book is always detailed. The book is one of the best books I ever read. It is full of all the things I love suspense, romance, and adventure. The book was very detailed because for example of the cellar Matt was kept in. Every piece of information needed to imagine how the room looked like was all there. I had such a vivid image of how the room was. Even Matt's escape was very detailed. I suggest this book would be for young adults since there is many things that young children wouldn't understand about the book. The book has won the Nation Book Award, Newberry Honor Award, and Michael L. Printz Award for Young Adult Literature. You should really read the book if you love sci-fi genres.
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