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Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers Review
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"Your love cannot change a man or a god. All it can do is open a door, create a new path for him to choose. One that has not been open to him before. That is what the power of your love can offer him - all of that, and no more.

(...) Your love makes him happy. Whether it will give him the courage to step through that door remains to be seen."'

Without freedom, even the walls of a home can turn into those of a prison.

Annith has lived as a novitiate at the convent of St. Mortain for as long as she can remember. Many of her friends and fellow novitiates have come and gone, leaving the convent's confines to serve Death and fulfil their destinies.

Everyone except for Annith.

Annith knows in her heart that she is destined to serve as Death's handmaiden, outside of the convent's walls. So when the abbess tells her that she is to be groomed to take on the role of Seeress, Annith is devastated. A life spent locked away inside the convent seems like the cruelest kind of punishment, after all of the years she's spent training to be the perfect assassin.

Sometimes we need to take our fate into our own hands.

Praying that Mortain will guide her on the right path, Annith sets out - leaving the convent behind to find the answers to the burning questions surrounding her past and the mysterious workings of the convent.

A journey filled with hellequins, unexpected alliances, bitter truths, and difficult decisions lies ahead. Annith must find the strength to save those she matter the cost.

The truth can be deadlier than any poison or blade.

Mortal Heart is an emotional and thrilling finale to what has been a deeply captivating series. Robin LaFevers has worked her storytelling magic once again, to produce a book that you will not be able to put down.
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