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Sigh. I'm very disappointed in this book.
I've given every Julie Kagawa book 5 stars. Her Blood of Eden series is the best vampire series I've ever read and I adore her Iron Fey series, so needless to say, I expected great things from this.

I should have known right off from the synopsis that this book would not be up to par as her other books. Yes, there's dragons, but what I get from the synopsis is that the book is about a dragon that can change into human form and a dragon hunter falling in love.

That's the book. It's the exact same plot as another book, Firelight, which I liked, but I'm not wild about. I admit, the fact that it's so similar to Firelight was a big reason why I had difficulty enjoying this book. I liked the world-building and I did find Talon and the Order interesting, and yeah, pretty much the plot was the main similarity between the two. I found everything else interesting.

The romance was what really caused me to distance myself. It was too insta-love for me and it took up too much of the book. I enjoy romance in book, but I prefer to hear about the dragons than the whole love-life. I also worry that the next book will introduce a love triangle.

I know I'm bashing on this, but I did like it. I loved the original ideas in this book, not so much on the plot. The romance of meh. I'm most disappointed because I had such high expectations.
If you enjoyed Firelight, you should read this book.
As for me, I will continue the series. Mostly because I am curious.
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