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Chloe has to work at GoodFoods on the Christmas eve and that wasn't all that bad since all the employees are gonna be there, including her crush, Tyson, but nothing prepared her for what was coming: the charity box of the store has been stoled, worse than that she and all the minors that work there are being accused of stealing the money. So now Chloe has to spend all her day with a bunch of people she barely know and maybe, get a chance to play Veronica Mars and figure out who stole the money.

This book started great, I laughed out loud so many times right in the first chapter but them it turned kind of boring, I mean there was things happening but I really didn't cared about it and them more towards the end (like the last 50 pages or so) the book started again to be more interesting - so yeah mixed feelings about this one.

I think the point that more let me down was the characters, this is a contemporary novel so if I don't care about the characters I will not care about the story. So my main problem was that it took the entire book for me to get sympathizing with the characters, not that they're bad characters or anything is just... This book is small and the story passes only in like one day, so it's hard to get really attached to this people.

But in the end this is a gush, cute story about completely opposed people bonding after being obligated to spend time together and it was fun while it lasted but it will be completely forgotten between others books.
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