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Okay, how can I summon this book up in just a review? I started this book thinking it would be all about a small town girl fighting her way out of there but oh boy I was wrong. This book made me feel so much, it start slow but the more I read it, the more I needed to keep going, to see how this story was going to turn up and if this character that I end up caring so much, Amber, would have her happy ending.

I have to say that with contemporary I usually don't have any doubt that in the end everything will come to a happy place, but this book wrecked me because there was times - especially in the middle - that I was feeling as suffocated and lost and without a way out as our main character. The plot of this book is much more mature than average YA, the sister of our main character is married to a drug dealer, the marriage of her parents isn't that great either, we have drugs, sex - and some rock and roll too -, and this made the atmosphere of the book being heavy at times... Heavy because this problems are so real, even if you never had any kind similarity with Amber's problems I'm sure you'll feel her desperate feeling of being trapped in her parents expectations and how she wants so much more than that.

That's the other thing, it tells an incredible story in such a beautiful way, the writing in this book made me connect and get into it so much, I'm not a big fan of singers in books - idk why but I usually just get embarrassed by their big dreams and never get the feel of the music through a book but I loved the song scenes in this one, I think it was because the narrative didn't focused on the song itself but in the feelings that singing gave to Amber.

This book is not a cutesy romance or a light read, it's heavy and at some points it made me incredibly sad, or anger, or frustrated but it also made me happy (this is the second but that I cried of happiness!), and it did have some cute romance scenes but it wasn't all about that. This book is a story about a girl named Amber figuring out herself, what she wants, what her dreams are, where her heart belongs and where is the place she wants to fall.
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