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Hands down for the best contemporary of this year. By far.
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Alright how do I start to explain my feelings toward this book? First off I have never ever read anything by Kasie West before so I didn't know what I was putting myself into, but if you're like me and it's searching for something to see if her books are as good as the raves on GR search no more, On the Fence is a stand alone, really short so even if you hated (but I don't see how, really, is that good) it will not gonna be a real pain in the ass.

I don't know how West does that but she mixes sad and happiness in such a short story, at times I was reading it and was laughing very happy with life and everything but them the narrative would have a glimpse of sadness that made me deeply sad. I mean it's not a depressing book by any far (and if you not as much as crier as I'm you probably will not even get close to crying with this book, but I'm a baby when it comes to crying so I cried. And hard.) but the way some things are said it just would made me heart pang, and hurt and it really touched me, and sometimes I got myself crying of happiness too - I don't think I've ever cried of happiness over a book, but the scenes with Charlie and her brothers are just... Perfect.

Not really any spoilers but [Also the dead of her mother, I mean I had totally called the true story ages ago in the book but it only made me feel more pain at each time she was mentioned and them when the truth was revealed to Charlie I was just like and I could stop crying I actually had to get up and wash my face and blow my nose a couple of times to recompose myself. ]

And about the characters gosh I loved them so much too. Charlie was just the perfect tomboy, contemporary main characters usually have this thing that they're very girly girls even the ones that say they hate make up and only hangs out with boys usually end up making something very girly like obsessing over the first boy that flirt with them but Charlie was actually a real tomboy, that was so clueless about some things. I loved how in this book she discover that she can be a tomboy and also dress up, wear make up and feel very girly sometimes and this is not gonna change who she is, will only make her more herself - I feel like more contemporary books should pass this message, because every girl has a tomboy side and a girly side and both of these sides are more than okay and can perfectly co-exist.

The dynamic between the characters was amazing too, I already told above that I loved Charlie and her brothers, but I also loved her relationship with her father (it made me tear up a little bit too) I could relate so much with her father being so clueless about what to do with a teenage girl and just you know doing his best - with was so heartwarming and such a daddy thing to be so clueless sometimes. And, as it couldn't be different the love interested was so good too, I loved Braden and how his relationship with Charlie played out it was so obviously to everyone else what was happening but it was fun to watch them struggle to realize the obvious.

Well I could go on and keep talking about each aspect of this book and all the scenes that are important to me in details as to why but I think I made me point here. This is must read to everyone, I don't care if you think young adult is only for childrens go read this book and come around, or if you don't like contemporary reads, go read this book and find out what you're missing, just go read this book - seriously, you're not gonna regret because reading this one was a hell of a good ride.
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