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Ok, I don't know how to cope with this book. I've been staring at the review page for like 30 minutes and words just can't describe it, when I think I have a line of thought another feelings came crushing down and I'm lost again so this review can be pretty messy and don't make much sense but I hope to make clear that this is a book that you'll want to read it ASAP.

First off I don't use read books that are about exorcism or terror in general, it just isn't my thing I usually prefer fluffy romances and contemporary reads - especially now in the summertime - but I saw the blurb of this one, got intrigued and when I got the chance to read it and didn't let it pass and OH MY GOSH IT TOTALLY WORTHED! Maybe some people that read horror books often will not be that impressed by this one but for me it just blew my away.

The book is narrated is in first person, by Sofia our main character, a girl that is always moving from town to town without realing having any friends until she cames in this new town and the in-crowd (Riley, Grace, and Alexis) wants to hanging out with her. Despite being quite slow the first 50 or so pages we already have a feeling that something is off with these people, some very weird things start to happen and this gave me an itch to keep reading, I don't usually read books this quickly but I read this one in like 4 hours because I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN.

Especially when it comes to the part of the exorcism it was like I was watching a very bloody car crash, it was terrifying and scary and sick and just purely disgusting some parts and others parts really, really agonizing - it was like I could feel the pain and just god - but at the same time I couldn't stop reading, my hands wouldn't stop turning the pages because it was so addictive in a completely twisted way.

And gosh the characters of this book are such sick people, everyone has a secret, a very very dirty secret and not just the "skeletons on the closed" kind of secret but the kind of "if you admit it to yourself you're gonna lose your mind" kind of secret and it was so much fun seeing all the girls losing it during the story (I know I'm sick and twisted for having fun reading about sick and twisted people, who cares).

Basically a great horror book very on the veins of classic horror movies.

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