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This book turned out being a very different history than I was expecting to be - at least in the way it was executed since it had a lot more of a soup opera tone to it, but nonetheless this only made me like this book even more than I was expecting to.

The book is separated like a play in three acts and each chapter is one scene I never have read a contemporary divided like that but in this one it totally make sense since these parts are very different between each other (especially the second one) and at each part we see the relationship between the main characters develop - and I loved this development that they had, I feel like a lot of authors throw childhood friends as main characters and love interests and expect us to just jump into the train and forget that we didn't read about all these children memories so a lot of time the relationship ends up being underdevelop but not here!

The main characters start this book hating each other, and I mean genualy hating as in they have - well, at least Jemma has a true reason to not want anything to do with Ryder. But then the storm hits Magnolia Branch and shit went down, so Jemma see herself enjoying having someone by her side during that hard time - as well as Ryder found talking with Jemma a good distraction to his fear. Anyway I couldn't get over the cuteness of these two, they relationship was very sweet and they just are the exactly match, completing each other.

So yeah, I highly recommend this book if you want some very good romance, that isn't all angst and drama and the normal YA stuff but I true story of you know just two people falling for each other in the most sweetest way possible.
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