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Ok, so only by the sinopses of this book I knew it would be something emotional, I was expecting to feel pain but still this book surprised me because it was so much more hurtful than I had expected. We follow the story of Liz Emerson, a girl who screwed so badly her life that the only solution that she sees is to kill herself and in this book we follow her on the past and her friends in the present time and get to know what leaded Liz to this moment where she drives her car of the road.

I have to say that having to relieve all these moments of Liz's past where what turned this book so painful, I cried so many times in this book - I think that 50% ahead I just didn't stopped crying until the very end of this book, that's how emotionally invested I was in this story.

One thing that surprised me on this book was the fact that Liz Emerson is a terrible person, she is the definition of a mean girl and a bully but still I couldn't help but like her, and feel sorry for her and for what she had been through. I know that in any other book, in any other story I would have judged the hell out of Liz but not in this book.

And I think the main reason for that is the writing, the writing was so beautiful and so full of feelings - this book is incredible short and deals with a LOT of issues so it could have felt superficial and unrealistic but that was not how it went. I felt like when I was reading I could enter totally and completely in this story and connect so deeply with it's characters which made me understand them in a whole other level, like they're my long lost friends and I could understand what they had been through only be looking at them.

I highly recommend this book to fans of realistic fiction and to someone that is looking for a contemporary read that is emotional and truthful.
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