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The "New" American Dream
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I wanted to love this book and I thought I would, a story about rich people? Give me. About rich people AND mentally broken? Give me NOW. But this was one of those books that ended up sitting in the middle, I didn't hated or had anything wrong with the story for me but at the same time I didn't desperately loved it.

I think that what didn't worked for me was the style of the story and I think this will be what most people will love about this one, let me explain. This book is kind of a retelling of "The Great Gatsby", it tell the story of the Great Buchanan's family from an outside point of view - Charlie - and the way this book was narrated reminded me a lot of the same vibe that the original book passed me, but I'm not a fan of "The Great Gatsby" I think the vibe, this atmosphere, whatever it's made me just an spectator of a story it didn't put me inside this story, it didn't made me feel it, it only distanced me from it - so I think that people that come in this book seeking for "The Great Gatsby" will end up loving this book but it wasn't my cup of tea.

But anyway in the end of the story I kind of liked Charlie - at least enough to care about her future and hate that opening end like seriously it had to be THAT open? The story itself wasn't also completely bland to me, it had it's emotional moments but I don't know, I was expecting more drama, more pain, I was expecting to feel sorry for this poor rich family that had everything except happiness but it just didn't worked for me.

This book is still the best retelling of "The Great Gatsby" and the american dream out there, it's a story that is constructed as a slow burn, starting slow and gradually growing emotionally, and it really capture the picture of The Buchanans.
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