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For the first 70% of this book I was kind of bored, it wasn't a bad book but it was basically a romance on space with some survival stuff and a hint of a possible mystery on the future. But them at 70% some things started happening and the mystery started to unravel and them at 80% I was totally involved on this and was like "wow and wow and wow again".
I can totally see from where all the four and five stars ratings came from, this book is definitely good, but for me I never really cared about the characters which is a bummer since the emotional aspects on this book are like really high because of the *things* that happen towards the end.
Still I want to continue with this series since the writing was good and my detachment to the characters have more to do with the place I'm right now than a problem of the book.

Recommend to: basically people who like romance that are wanting something different or people who like sci-fi/survival stories wanting something heavily focused on romance.
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