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Southern Sass For The Win
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Characters & Relationships: Harper is an amazing female lead that knows very well how to kick ass while keeping her appearance perfect and being the top of her class - can I just say an amen to female characters that have it all? Amen. Also she had me cracking up at so many times, plus her interactions with her nemesis, David - another character that I loved with his always sarcastic tone. But one thing that bothered me was that the "love triangle" was so completely and utterly unnecessary, it was clear since the first chapter what the ship was and still this situation dragged until the last part of the story.

Paranormal aspects & pace: the whole paranormal set on this one is really good and completely unique (for me), it started in a way that right from the first chapter it got me thinking "what the heck is going on" which keep me reading and reading but towards the middle it kind of hit a wall - there wasn't anything really happening, except from training and love triangle stuff, it just seemed like some things could have been cut out to make the pace more quickly for impatient readers like me.

Recommended to: readers that love the paranormal gender looking for something fresh, unique & light, readers that aren't that into paranormal but would like to give the gender a try, readers looking for something fun, fast & cute.
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