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So, I really liked some parts of this book but to others parts I was just kinda… Not so head over heels. Let’s talk.

What I really liked was the job aspect, Ethan and Mia got the same internship and now (after hooking up) they need to compete for the same job AND the company has a rule against relationships between co-workers – it was so much fun seeing both of them struggling against their attraction (and there was a LOT of attraction), day after day and seeing what kind of crazy things they would do/pass during this time.

But this inconvenient situation also gave room for them to really know each other which is something to love on a romance - the building up for the relationship - and I have to admit that they seem a pretty good match. They really seemed to get each other despite the little interactions they had, however they still had a few bumps on the road like any normal couple.

And despite Ethan and Mia being good together they also had different ambitions outside the romance world, which made me connect with them so much. I loved how Ethan is still struggling to know what he wants to do with his life, how he always had a plan and now isn’t so sure anymore that it’s going to work or even if is what he really wants – I just started college and always thought I would do veterinarian but now I’m not so sure anymore, and it really hit home how difficult it is to admit that to yourself, make a new plan and tell to yours parents that sacrificed so much already to make that older plan work. On the other side Mia biggest struggle is to record a documentary of her grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer, that will make the world never forget of her, my grandmother also has Alzheimer so it was easy to feel Mia’s pain on losing her role model.

So despite all these good things there was still one thing that keep throwing me off the book and it was Ethan’s narrative. It felt kind of… Fake, like he would say all this swear names on his head and them Mia’s POV wouldn’t have any, it just felt like something put there because it’s a “boy thing” you know? Also, oh my god, how many times does this dude can get his dick hard?? Seriously, on the beginning of this book he only needed to see Mia to have an erection.

Still this is the one of the best New adult books that I read and this kind of style – more of a romantic comedy and real struggle that new adult’s have, this is the kind of new adult books I’m willing to give a shot. More new adult that is focused on to the new adult peeps okay guys?

Recommended to: fans of romantic comedies, readers on looking for new adult that isn’t just sex and dark deep troubles, readers on their 20’s.
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