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Young Adult Fiction 1268
DNF at 30 percent
I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK! The pretty cover! The retelling element! A fantasy book with kick ass heroine! But yeah it didn't worked for me. At first it was really slow, but I though sometimes fantasy books are like that you know? Them we have some action scene where the villain of sorts is so freaking weird and the things that are happening I was just like "WTF". Them we have a statue that came to live and it's hinted that will be a love story between THE CENTURIES OLD STATUE AND SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD CLARA (who was already in love with the statue before the statue came to life, just...) but I put it down when there was happening some chasing, that was supposed to be life or death kind of scene, and I was just bored the hell out of me and waiting for it to be over.
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