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(Updated: November 11, 2014)
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The Only Thing to Fear is one of the quickest reads this year. Caroline Tung Richmond takes a unique spin on the Alternative History/Dystopian genre. In this alternative time line, the Nazi's won WWII and are have been controlling a section of the former United States for 80 years. Zara wants to join the underground rebellion but her uncle forbids her to take part in the dangerous activities or use the powers she has inherited as a result of genetic alterations from experiments done to her father.

What I loved best about this novel is its fast pace. The plot moves quickly without feeling like details are being left out. As a reader, I could instantly imagine this strange, yet familiar, world. Richmond plunges the reader in the middle of the action and doesn't let it go.This world is permanently scarred by the war, by racism,and by fear. There is inequality between the upper class and the Untermensch, the Mischlings. What is different is treated as unworthy of value, unworthy of notice. But there's also the political unrest brewing not only with the people but in the government as well. It makes it the perfect time for Zara and her family to step in- they are part of the resistance and so much is at stake.

The one thing that was lacking? I wanted to keep reading. I didn't want to say good bye to these characters. Looking forward to reading more from Caroline Tung Richmond. Anyone who is a fan of history, alternative time lines, dystopian, science fiction mutations- this is the book for you! Readers young and old will enjoy reading this fast pace novel!
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