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I just want to make this short and sweet. I love everything about The Blood of Olympus and Rick was true to his word about the loose ends of his characters, everything was settled.

I didn't had that same feeling I felt for when Harry Potter ended. I wasn't too emotional about it. I only felt the excitement of wanting to read it right away and know what becomes of our heroes. I love that TBoO was a bit lengthy, and so every aspect was thoroughly discussed. I also liked the sort of review of the past events that happened in previous books, it was refreshing to recall those moments. That's when THAT feeling sort of creeped inside me a little. The dread of everything coming to an end.

The story telling was episodic. It felt like watching a TV series. Some felt the story was rushed, but I didn't. The fact that it really took its appropriate length of every chapter in a character's story to tie all those loose ends.

Every POV was great... and we have our Nico POV! Woooh! This last book was the perfect time for Nico's character to bloom! His POVs endeared him more to the readers, knowing his thoughts, his feelings, his fears... it is such an honor. Chapter 31 was most unforgettable. That was some scary stuff he did! It was frightening! Never ever cross Nico di Angelo! Is it crazy that out of all the 'feels' moment in the book what made my tear drop was when Pegasus honored Reyna as Horse Friend by Lord Pegasus. It was very touching... T_T Reyna is the most bad ass Roman! Her slaying Orion was the best kill ever!

In the House of Hades, it's undeniable that Leo had changed ever since he got stranded on that island with Calypso. He felt the sadness only a girl could inflict upon a boy. Most of all he felt the greatest love he could have ever hoped for. His reform is obvious in TBoO. When you read his POVs you get the feeling it's not Leo your looking into. Not saying that it was a bad change. It's good because he knows how to balance it with his humor. He is not that clueless boy anymore. There's a lot of emotions felt in his POVs. It's scary how his longing for Calypso was channeling to me as a reader. I too longed for them to be together! That same grief I felt for Nico in the previous book was passed on to Leo. You can tell he has matured, but not forgetting his humor of course. Very funny as ever. I literally LOL in his lines.

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