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The third book in the Pushing the Limits series puts Isaiah as the main character, along with a new girl, Rachel Young, a rich private school girl keeping plenty of secrets from her family. She has a love for cars and for speed, which leads her to a street race where she meets Isaiah. With both their lives threatened after events of that street race, they have even more secrets and six weeks to find a way out.

This is by far my favorite of the series. I enjoyed the first two but everything about this one just seemed amplified, from the chemistry to the tension to the danger. We get to see so much deeper into who Isaiah is as a person and the events that lead up to how be became a foster child and why he lets so few people into his life. It was so heartbreaking. Rachel’s story was no less touching. Trying to be the perfect daughter to keep her mother happy so the rest of her family is happy, hiding how unhappy she is and having to pretend she’s fine when she’s not. It was easy to relate to both of them, fear of getting hurt, wanting to keep people happy, insecurities, feeling like a burden. These are two characters I found so easy to root for and wanted to see happy in the end.

The side characters were great as well. So many side characters and all with distinct personalities so it was easy to tell them apart. Noah, Echo, Beth, and Logan are all back for multiple scenes and Ryan shows up as well but he has less time than the others. I really liked Logan in Dare You To but in this one, it made me want to know so much more about him. Favorite new character is a toss-up between Rachel’s twin Ethan, her brother West, or Isaiah’s friend Abby. All three had moments that left me wanting more about them(and with West there is more coming in Take Me On). I also really liked Courtney, Isaiah’s new social worker. She was awesome in her handling of him and she cared about him. The only character I had slight problems with was Eric, the bad guy of the book. I didn’t find him as menacing and dangerous as the characters did until closer to the end.

The book is almost five hundred pages but it never felt like it. It kept me reading every time I had a spare moment until 3am because I just had to find out what was going to happen. Katie McGarry definitely did research into drag racing and cars for this book and it showed in the writing.

Included in this book is also a preview for the next in the series: Take Me On, which has Rachel’s brother West as the main character. The preview is good and I’m definitely looking forward to that one.
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