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"When the doorbell rings at three in the morning, it's never good news". Alex(main character) is a school boy, his not normal but he don't even know that.He was living with his uncle(Rider) and nanny call Jack. His uncle is die in a car accident, and cops saying he didn't ware seat -belt, but Alex feel weird. Because he knew his uncle always wear seat-belt.He when out and finding the car during the accident, his opinion is prove, there are bullet on his car. Then during the funeral ceremony, a weird guy is thanking to his "his royalty and general" Alex feel weird. He's discover the truth. Later on he know his uncle is a spy, and Blunt(boss of the SIS), want him to be the spy and survey Sayle and his company(Maker of stormbreaker) . Would a school boy be a spy, why will him be a spy?
Alex choose to be spy, only reason why is he want found out who's killing his uncle. And in Sayle's company he found out that Stormbreaker is having something poison on it, and Sayle know that his spy. And success escape. But it didn't change Sayle's plant, and Alex try his best to stop Sayle, but his almost die from it. the guy that saving his is Yassen(a bad guy who kills Rider). And Alex is not taking revenge on him."It will be better if we didn't meet again. Go back to school. Go back to your life..KIlling is for grown-ups and you're still a child" Why didn't Alex kill Yassen? Why do Yassen kill Sayle(his boss)? It's for you to discover. And want to read something like games, is tools of spy? Read it.
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