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Steven Gould's Jumper meets Chuck (the TV series) in Julie Cross' Tempest.
Jackson Meyer is a normal nineteen year old, a college student, a son, a brother, a boyfriend, and a time traveler. Yes, a time traveler.Erase everything you've ever heard about time travel, nothing like the movies" Nothing will change if he accidentally crushes a butterfly with his foot in the past. Nothing ever changes until he gets stuck in the year 2007 after two men burst in Jackson's girlfriend, Holly's dorm room and fatally shots her. In the attempts to return to his present 2009 and save Holly, he learns more about his abilities and his dad's somehow involvement in them. But, saving Holly has it's price.

This book has more than any other time travel book I have read. It has equal parts, of time-travel, mystery, secret-agent thriller, sci-fi, action, conspiracy, and romance. The writing is excellent, even with all the time jumping, time and place changing , it was never confusing. The story is so well-developed, you get stuck in the year 2007 along with Jackson, learning about the character's lives before Jackson (and you, the reader) know them. So fascinating. There were even some scenes that had me close to tears. I love the relationships between the characters and the characters individually. Adam,a science and technology geek who is friend with both Jackson and Holly, the constant companion and guide of Jackson. Holly, the girlfriend and the reason for most of Jackson life-changing decisions. Jackson's dad, a CEO, or is he?, The Enemies of Time, other time travelers like Jackson. Amazing interaction between characters.

Entertaining, engrossing and fast-paced page turner. I could put it down, can wait to read the complete trilogy. Love it. 5 stars.
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