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**spoiler alert**

I loved it! So very fascinating and oh so very mysterious. Incarceron is a prison that is alive with hopes and dreams of it's own. Claudia is trapped in a world where technology is illegal and she is in an arranged marriage with, Caspar, a boy who she absolutely despises. When Claudia meets Finn a boy who lives in Incarceron she is convinced that he is Giles, the Prince, who she was told had died. Finn doesn't believe much of what Claudia says, but in order to escape their own separate nightmares they join forces to help Finn and his friends escape.

I loved how Claudia had to save Finn instead of the other way around. Girl power! Yaahh! I also really enjoyed the contrast of the two character's lives. Claudia wants freedom so she doesn't have too marry Caspar, while Finn fights for freedom so he can both see the Outside and in the process save himself from what would ultimately end his life.

Some things I didn't like were:

-The Sapients who some of whom at least seemed to think they were the most important people you could find. I disliked how they were portrayed in that way when others showed more knowledge and comprehension than the all knowing Sapients did. The Sapients bothered me because it seemed knowledge, their supposed strongest feature didn't shine as brightly as some of their other traits.

-The end because the problem wasn't even close to resolved (in my opinion).
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