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Young Adult Fiction 1591
Sweet Greek Mythology
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Eros the goddess of love has finally found her true love, Orion, a mortal. But,their relationship isn't well approved by her father Ares and the ultimate god Zeus. After Zeus finds out about them, he banishes Eros to Earth as a mere mortal along with her mother. If she ever wants to go back to Olympus (and Orion),she has to make three love connections without her godlike powers. Being the goddess of love, Eros thinks is a piece of cake, but it turn out much harder to accomplished. Things with no go as planned. While on her stay she will learn thinks about mortals and about herself.

The book is a fast read, but with the jumping between characters point of view to another character, it was a bit confusing at times and hard to follow the story, but as it keep going it become clearer. I think it even made the story more realistic, and easer to get to know the characters. Eros enrolls in high school were she thinks love is easer to find on hormone driven teens. But her attempts to find Charlie, a new student, couldn't go as she planned. I personally like Charlie (Eros first mortal friend) and identify with him in some level. I liked who he grows in the story. Katrina's story is the best going on in this book. Her dad died on a terrible car accident, since then, she has been the outcast on school. She thinks she won't be loved like her dad loved her(she even thinks her mother doesn't loves her), that's why she clings to any form of affection. This affection has a name Ty, a high school drop-out who treat her like dirt. Also her "friends" or who she thought were anyway, they hang out with her because she lets them cheat on her tests, brings them donuts. For them, she is a tool to use. Katrina needs to finds someone who likes her for who she is, who gives her the love she deserves. Charlie want someone who accepts him for who he is. Eros knows where to find the right person for each of them. I really liked how the story unfolds, thou the cliffhanging ending left on the best part.
My final veredict: This books "is cuter than a pair of YouTube kittens." 3.5 Stars
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