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I couldn't put this book down!
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To say that I loved this book is a complete understatement. From the beginning I was laughing out loud and fell in love with Dallas and Carson from the get go.

What I loved:

I absolutely loved how awkward Dallas is. Her actions and words had me laughing from chapter one. She is seriously a breathe of fresh air when it comes to leading ladies. I want to be her friend.

Carson is, well, smooth. I loved their first meeting. I wanted to read it over and over again. It was so real, and awkward, and lovely.

I love how Friday Night Lights(ish) this book is. I love that show and this book just reminded me of it. Not that it's like the show, but just how it's centered around football, and Dallas is the coach's daughter.

Dallas' relationship with her dad. Okay, I wouldn't say I loved it, but come on, it's just been Dallas and her dad, so things are bound to get a bit awkward between the two of them. But I loved how they handle it and how her dad comes around to be the dad he should be with Dallas.

What left me wanting more:

Um, nothing. I seriously plan to read this book over and over. I absolutely loved it. I want more Carson and Dallas. Please?
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