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Great conclusion to the series!
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I have been in love with this series from the start. I adore every single character and have grown quite attached to them. I was both excited, and very sad to see this series end.

What I loved:

Awesome female leads. Finley, Emily , and Mila are all smart, courageous, strong females. I have always loved that about these books. It's more about the females than the males. They are not just there for the boys.

Speaking of the boys.... Griffin will always be one of my favorite book boys. As will Jack Dandy. Both are so different, yet similar in some ways. And of course I adore Sam as well.

I love how everyone works together. Even though Griffin is self sacrificing, and doesn't want Finely to get hurt, the entire team works together to figure out a way to get him out of the Aether. I love how each character brings their own special talent to the table and really works together!

Mila and Jack. I have always wanted Griffin and Finley together. But I felt so sorry for Jack because he obviously has strong feelings for her. So, I am was so excited to see he has finally met his match in this book.

What left me wanting more:

Honestly, I have wanted more Griffin and Finley since book 1. I really do love how each character kind of gets their own time to shine in different books, but I just feel like there could always be more Griffin and Finley.

I'm so sad to see this series end. I really adore this series and think it's a great steampunk series! I will be looking for more from Kady Cross!
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