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*A thousand thanks to All Night Reads for the free review copy via Netgalley*

Reincarnation is an interesting idea in itself. "Grasping at Eternity" also did a phenomenal job of approaching it. The author really is the real deal in fantasy and romance alike.

In many YA novels it's obvious that the MC and the love interest will either be brought together or reunited in some way. I thought it would be the same in this situation and it seemed like it would be, but then something impossible happened. I began to doubt that Maryah and Nathan would have a happy ending, I gained the impression that it could go either way. Ms. Hooper didn't give me the option to keep reading when she introduced this doubt, she forced me. There was no way I could stop once that happened, her writing became my air until the end where I finally took a breath before realizing I needed the sequel.

The author's writing style also captivated me with both it's hump and serious aspects, but that wasn't what I liked most about it. I loved watching the characters grow and flourish within themselves as well as in their relationships. I really felt a connection with them and I easily related to the majority of them multiple times. They were astoundingly human for their circumstances, I admired them for their perks and quirks and wanted to be them at several points.

If you like your YA fantasy with an extra helping of romance you will probably love this book. I suggest that you get to reading it ASAP!
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