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This book was originally on my 'must-read' list but I'm afraid it just fell a little short to me.

It's incredibly hard to love a book if you don't like its main character. Joy was immensely hard for me to like, I struggled to see where she was coming from time and time again. But her reliance on others and tenancy to over react just got on my nerves. However I liked her "best friend," Monica, even less. What kind of friend best or otherwise abandons you right after you've experienced a traumatic event? I hope none of my friends ever do that to me, I cant even begin to express how unfriendly I would feel towards them. It would be exceptable, I suppose, if they had a good reason for doing so. Let me just say that Monica had just about the worst reason ever, and Joy just brushed it off! Ugh!

Ink and Inq were the only reason I ended up enjoying reading this book. Their unique perspectives were intriguing. I especially liked Ink because he saw everything involving humans through fresh eyes. Unfortunately his lack of experience with humans was probably what drove him to be interested in Joy who I imagine he would have been much better without. Inq I liked a little less than Ink because of some of her strange behaviors that I didn't particularly agree with. Overall I really enjoyed their opinions and ways of seeing things.

But just please. Please let me throw something heavy at Joy. Like refrigerator heavy or so. She reminded me just a little too much of Bella Swan.
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