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Right, I predicted bout the mystery floating around Audrina life, but then ending shocked me.
Audrina is a sweet little girl, who has trouble remembering time, being bullied by her sister/ cousin Vera; SPOILER who let me just add attempted to kill her and run off with her husband, and planned the rape. A father who is strangely overprotective of Audrina, and also put her into a rocking chair that belongs to her better sister the first audrina, to get her "special powers."

Now here comes my honest review about Vera. She is a sick minded little (how can i put this in a nice a way...) home wrecking seductive brat, who I contently wanted to "throw" down the stairs. But in deep doesn't I did sort of pitted her for the neglect she faced. But that still doesn't excuse her devious behaviour.

Alden knows something about Audrina, that will ruin their friendship if she ever figures it out. I liked Adam FROM THE START, I thought he will save Audrina form that place, and all is well. But (yes the big but) no, he has to be the unfaithful, unsensitive d.... i mean unloyal person, who put his lust first before his marriage.
My sweet Audrina is basically a story with a dark twist, that grips you to the very end.
I just want to add, i cant believe the age rating 12? Seriously?
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