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Clementine is smart, hardworking girl who works in farming camps on the surface of planet Kiel. All she dreams is proving that she is Promising enough to become resident of planets Core level where you are free to pick the job you like. But, although Clementine is extracted, she soon starts to question the the facts she knows because the Core is not the promise land they lead her to believe.
"This place is freedom and suffocation at the same time."

Does something sounds familiar? Compare this plot to Pawn, The Testing or even The Hunger Games and you will find a lot of similarities.

Extraction started slow but soon was full of action. Boy Clementine loves left on the surface, sneaky people with bad intentions, dreams crumbling, exploration of awesome toys at Core, new friends, floating in zero gravity, diving, …. It’s never boring and something new is happening all the time.

Extraction seemed too childish at times. Big Bad Wolf was made of President Charley. On the other side Clementine was all-knowing. For every situation she has the necessary skills to miraculously save the day. And even when she fumbles - she does something completely crazy and wins. (*kahm* firing into the air at simulation game *kahm*). I wish she had to work harder to achieve things. Nothing in real life could be so black and white.

In The End…
Dystopia has been a very popular genre for young adult novels in a last couple of years. It’s hard to write something new. Stephanie Diaz, by design or accidentally, took a safer route. She didn’t try to break any new borders and used familiar dystopian plot elements. So, Extraction maybe will not blow your mind but will be enjoyable read while it lasts.

Recommended for: All who can never get tired of dystopian genre

Disclaimer: I received this ebook from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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