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OH wow...the feels!
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Holy heart break. This book. THIS book. First of all, Bettina is amazing. She doesn't realize it, but she really is. I was so excited for her when she started dating Brady. He was so loving and kind to her. And then he wasn't. Ugh. I hated that she stayed with him while he treated her so terribly. I was getting angry while reading this book because I couldn't believe she was letting him get away with that crap. But, I do understand this happens to a lot of girls and it's important to have these books written. It's just so hard reading them. I really hated Brady. He was such a jerk, and honestly someone needed to be told about his behavior. Bettina's dad would have been furious at him had he known. I was excited for Bettina when met "Cowboy". I was worried for her when she started seeing him a lot, even thought they weren't dating or anything. But I was worried about Brady finding out and hurting her. I was so happy that she was able to find someone who was appreciative of her though.

I was completely stunned by the ending of this book. It took me by complete surprise, and I won't give away any spoilers, but my goodness. Even though this book has a heavy subject matter, it was so very good and definitely worth the read.
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