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I don’t know where to start. Ruin and Rising was one of the most anticipated book for me. When I finally got my copy, I was overjoyed and a bit nervous to finally learn the Darkling's name( *sighs*), and everything that will happen to end the series. I was so not disappointed. In this book everything that happen on Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm click together, every question was answered ( in the most unexpected way). The story of Morozava was the most shocking, thou I wasn't that off about the connection between him and the Darkling.
And now that I mention the Darkling I wasn't disappointed one bit about everything he did (thou he wasn't that present like that last two books). And his name, Love it, so common but makes him look more human. I know he can be a “monster” but that’s the only way he knows what to be. I love his somewhat redemption in the end. Oh and did I mention who hot he is ,no, well HOT!!!
Now, to Mal. What can I say, I felt for him, such a splendid ( and a bit martyr) soul. To learn what he truly has, it made complete sense. I was so sad to learn what happen to him that I almost couldn't finished reading R&R; but then again, I wanted more to know how Alina will react. I was jumping and screaming like a crazy person as I read the “miracle” produced in Mal. I may have fallen for Mal, but the Darkling will always be in my heart (like in Alina’s).
Nikolai, man was I so not expecting that to happen to him, but wow he’s such a fighter and cocky to the end. You just have to love him.
Alina, I love to see the changes and growth she has gone trough over the course of the three books specially in this one. She was awesome, great heroine.
I took my time reading Ruin and Rising because I wanted to savored every feeling, event, outcome, change, learning, everything about it. I was absolutely delighted with the writing, well the story itself. I loved everything Bardugo writes. Prior to reading this final book, I read the first to book again( for like the fourth time) and the short stories accompanying the Grisha Trilogy. She is an amazing writer with the ability to transport the reader to a whole new level of satisfaction. She was gifted and blesses by the Saints. This book exceeded my expectations.
I won’t say more or I will end up discussing every aspect of the story and more (which will spoiled everything for those who haven’t read it) YOU MUST READ IT, HEAR ME (or is it read me?).JUST READ IT.
I have only one word for this book UNFORGETTABLE. 5 are not enough, will give it an 8 (one of my favorite numbers) Stars.
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