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Aphrodite: Goddess of Love
(Updated: June 27, 2014)
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Love graphic novels! This latest from First:Second continues the Olympians series with Aphrodite. It starts with her 'birth' and then forced marriage to Hephaistos and a contest that ends up starting an infamous war. So much to love about this graphic novel! Aphrodite is not so much a ditz like in other versions but rather someone forced into a love-less marriage just so Zeus doesn't have to 'deal' with another power play or God rivalry. The contest on who is the most beautiful also hints at Zeus's manipulations.

I did want to see more of Ares, who is in the background but figures a lot in Aphrodite's life. Hera also doesn't seem as nasty as other versions I've read. I did feel for poor Hephaistos who doesn't have the beauty of the other gods and really is smitten with Aphrodite. Still, it must be hard to be forced to marry someone and not care for them.

The illustrations are catchy and sure to appeal to reluctant readers. This whole series is great and a must have to those who love Greek mythology or want to learn more.
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