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Will make your heart ache.
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Jessica Verdi masterfully tells the story of a girl, Lexi, coming to terms with her identity, her commitment to her family, and accepting her own feelings for what they are. Lexi spends the summer at an anti-gay camp, which is absolutely terrifying. There were several times when I gasped, or felt my heart start racing because of the crazy, awful things that happened at this camp! The writing is very compelling, keeping you turning the pages to find out what happens next. You'll get attached to the well-designed characters right away. The ending is very satisfying and optimistic, which is a definite plus.

What I loved:
Lexi. Plain and simple. She is a very real, believable protagonist. I loved getting to know the girl, her style, and her past. Lexi is the kind of girl I would want for a friend! She's very relatable, and her experiences with crushes and bullying will resonate with so many readers.
Lexi's camp group. Carolyn, Matthew, and Daniel are great contrasts to Lexi in their own ways. They each develop throughout the story, changing and reacting in surprising ways sometimes.
The tension. There was so much drama going on, both at the camp and in Lexi's head. It kept me reading, faster and faster, because I just needed to know what would happen! The levels of dramatic tension were high at the right times, and dropped off at just the right times, as well.

What I wanted more of:
Lexi talking to her mom. They have quite the heart-to-heart near the end of the story, but I wish they would have talked more before Lexi goes to summer camp.
Carolyn's story: I wanted to know more about her! Carolyn and Lexi have a couple of deep discussions about their pasts, their feelings, their worries, but I just wanted a little more concrete dialogue from Carolyn. I wanted to know why she felt the way she did, how she kept her placid mask in place all the time, what her favorite flavor of ice cream is. The depth of Lexi's character sort of made up for this.

The verdict: Amazing. The story is powerful, compelling, and a fast read. It will surprise you, make your heart ache, and renew your faith in love. Highly recommended for those looking for an LGBT coming-of-age story, or something to share with a family member to help them understand homosexuality.
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