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I wanted to read Evertrue because I enjoyed the first two, and I want to see more of the story between Jack and Nikki, if Cole is really as bad as he seemed from last book, if everlivings will continue to exist when Nikki is done with it all, and get answers and closure for this series.

It started out fast paced and right where Everbound left off, and we get to see the romance, tenderness and concern for each other in the relationship with Nikki and Jack. And while I am not sure how parents in real life would handle teens who disappear and then reappear after months and days away, I think that it was handled pretty well. I think that they would try to instill their values and let them know how much they care for their kids, but that they wouldn't push them too far because they don't want to lose Jack and Nikki again. Hence Jack spending his nights with Nikki without much consequence.

The beginning didn't look too hot for ol' Cole either. Some of his actions I just wonder how he could have real feelings for Nikki or how could he do some of the things and say some of them and then stick around to watch Nikki's pain and struggle. When his amnesia kicked in, it was interesting how much things changed, but I think that we ended up getting a more clear and less jaded version of the man he used to be with out all the backstabbing and manipulation that he probably completely justified.

The ending suited the series, and I am pleased and satisfied. This has been a great series, and I have always been cheering for Nikki and Jack, so the ones who weren't then they are probably not feeling the same things.

Bottom Line: Satisfying conclusion.
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