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I picked up Say What You Will is curled up on a blanket outside and didn't move until I finished the entire book. At the same time I didn't want the book to end. Say What You Will is a moving story about two young teenagers trying to find their place in the world and with each other. The book will break your heart and then tenderly stitch it back together again.

Amy has Cerebral Palsy and just wants to feel like she belongs. Matt has OCD and is unaware of how it is affecting his life. But underneath it all, without them knowing it, they want what everyone at school wants- to fit in, to belong, to feel like they matter. Amy and Matt are lovable characters. They aren't perfect and they have their struggles, but their struggles are real.

What I liked best(besides the entire story and its cover) is reading how the events unfold from both characters' perspectives. As a reader, I felt I really got to know both Amy and Matt like they were friends I had in high school. The two perspectives allows the reader to see the bigger picture.

Although Cammie McGovern is being compared to John Green and Rainbow Rowell, Say What You Will stands out on its own. It is a must read for fans of contemporary YA. It is a moving story about how relationships develop, how we as a society treat others around us, and how absolutely amazing true friendship can be. Highly recommended- I even went out and bought a second copy. (One to share and one just for my bookshelf!)

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