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Dear Killer
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"Nothing is inherently wrong, nothing is inherently right, because morality is only a set of rules created by society and not based on any greater truth." That's what moral nihilism is; Kit's main belief. She is a student but mostly she is a murderer (just like her mother on her time was), known as the Perfect Killer.

This is a hard book to review, being a bit philosophical and psychological.

Kit, the Perfect Killer not only enjoys killing but has created a whole new persona to do it, Diana. Someone who isn't afraid to be challenged. Someone who can be precise and perfect on her killings. Someone who is not emotionally-tied to anyone. Someone who forgets.

The character are so different from one another. Some need more development.

Kit: She is Nancy Drew/ Dexter smart. Her relationship with her mother is weird and it bothers me a bit. Who would teach a kid to become a killer? Who believes they world need them, like their need cops? It just so uncomfortably chilling. She believes she is superior, a higher power. Someone that people need to not feel lost.

Kit's mom, She is like the devil on Kit's shoulder telling her to do bad things. She is madness.

Alex (the cop); he is smart but his emotions sometimes makes him not see things right. He's righteous.

This books is disturbing. The concept of "nothing is right, nothing is wrong" is cleverly used. It really makes you think. Despite that the main character is a killer, I found her interesting rather than repulsive. She was born and raised a killer. Killing is all she knows. I was happy in the end with her decision. She didn't let herself fall to madness. I enjoyed this book. The plot need a bit work, it just not much of it, just following the life of Kit, the killer. It needs more. I will give it 3 to 3.5 Stars.

Quick Note: Read as an ARC (may have changed)
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