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(Updated: June 13, 2014)
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Do you ever wonder what goes on inside the mind of those awful, cruel people who thrive on drama and being popular? You know the type, right? Well, The Truth About Alice will give you that. Don’t care to? Read this anyway because it is such a heartfelt, brutally honest story, that I believe everyone should read.

We have four different POVs throughout the story. Each one close to, or in direct contact with Alice and play a huge part in the lies, betrayal and damaging things done to her over the course of the year. There was Elaine, the popular, girl in school. Josh, the best friend of Brandon. Kurt, the outcast (I know the blurb says Kelsie but technically, it’s Kurt), who had adored Alice from afar for years. And finally, Kelsie, Alice’s “best friend.”

Of all the different characters, Kelsie is the one that brought out the most emotion out of me. Granted, everything that happened and was done to Alice was horrible. But Kelsie? Ugh. She has her own justifications for why she did what she did – hell they all did – but I just couldn’t fathom how someone could go to such lows. You have to respect their honest too.

One thing I found very interesting was the lack of POV from Alice. There wasn’t any time where Alice is defending herself, or what had exactly went on, from her perspective. Which worked. We learn about what REALLY happened through the other’s views anyway. And trust me, it is NOT pretty. Yet, it’s so brutally honest and real I couldn’t STOP reading. No matter how hard it was, how uncomfortable it made me. Let’s face it, it’s reality.

Let’s set aside that aspect of the book and talk about the other issues brought up and mentioned. Each and every single character had some other underlining issue to deal with. These aren’t small, insignificant issues either. You would think with everything going on, with the four POVs, things would be too much, but it’s handled so well that it isn’t overwhelming at all. All these things are talked about and handled in such a way that me in awe of her writing. Not to mention, gutted.

Overall -

I absolutely loved! The Truth About Alice is a heavy, emotional and compelling read. It touches on hard to read subjects, but it’s handled so well. Highly recommend this!
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