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This was such a good ghost read! I read it in one sitting. also, Julie is part Native American which is something you don't see in many books. Julies grandmother dies in the middle of telling her something important. Most likely she was trying to tell Julie about how she can see auras and ghosts because of her being Cherokee and what not. Julie moves and meets this boy Clark who is quirky. And yes, sometimes I got very annoyed with his character. I get that he is weird,okay? You don't have to take it to the extreme with his many hats and weird food he eats with a big pot that HE CARRIES with him. Just stop. He would have been better if you didn't do that, Ms. block. Okay well let's get back on track. So Julie finds a Ouija board and tries to contact her grandmother. The board starts to spell out a word and then Clark gets freaked out and leaves. Turns out Clark had an identical twin named Grant who starts to take over Clarks body. Now they have to find a way to get rid of Grant before he takes over Clark forever..... Overall, despite Clark's weirdness it is such a great read that I highly recommend.
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