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4.9 3
Young Adult Fiction 1982
Read it if you plan to read the series
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I am sure many people would have found it boring - a book which drags on. But that is not the case, the book may lack strong action at the start but hey, this is the first book in the series and like many first books, the author clears up the setup in this book. Read it if you want to read the whole series and I can guarantee, you will not regret it. The FIRST book lacks much action, the others do not. Later on in the series, you realize this book is very important to get a clear view of the whole plot and setup. If you plan to read the series, do not skip and do not change your mind because of this one. the author gives many details about Cadvan's and Maerad's travels in the book, most of which are not repeated in the others (though, some details are not important but for those who love to jump into a different dimension of mind when reading, they are a must).
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