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This book is seriously one of a kind. If you're looking for something funny, fast-paced, full of drama and a little action and a whole metric crap-ton of nerdy jokes and puns, then this is the book for you. If you've ever taken a Latin class, this is for you. If you've worked for a school newspaper, or gone to an arts academy, or wondered what any of that is like: this is your book.

What I loved:
Reality TV show takes over prestigious arts academy and hijacks the whole school year. I mean, that is really cool and unique. I don't think there are any other YA books with this plot, and that's saying a lot of good things right there.
I also loved the gerbil hero, Baconnaise. The Baconnator. That fluffy little circus-trick genius rodent was seriously my favorite character. Seriously, you will fall in love with him, too. Trust me.
The friendships. The vigilante poets are so clearly best friends, and there was so much to enjoy about that. The dialogue felt very natural and was often hilarious. The quips and teasing were great. The way they just know each other without even speaking sometimes says a lot about their relationships, too. Ethan, Jackson, Elizabeth, and Luke make a great team! Along with Baconnaise, of course.

What I wanted more of: While the characters were quirky and weird, they weren't quite strange enough. I wanted them to be weirder. There is certainly a lot of weird going on in this book, and I felt that it could have been strengthened by adding a few more quirks to some of the main characters. I particularly liked Jackson's way of turning every adventure into a secret-spy mission, his fondness for geeky references, and his short way of speaking. The other vigilante poets were just a little lacking in those kinds of qualities. I understand not wanting to go too far or over the top, but this whole plot kind of does that anyway.

Overall I really enjoyed the Vigilante Poets. It was incredibly entertaining and I couldn't put it down.
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