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Adorable and fun read!
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Delightfully cute, romantic and sweet, this book is a great ready for young YA readers (and even older ones) who enjoy a clean read!

What I loved:

Abbey is completely relate able as a sophomore in high school dealing with the typical high school issues. She is the lead in the sophomore play for the end-of-year faire that is held every year and finds herself having to play the lead across from Jason, a boy she cannot stand. Abbey is sweet, kind, yet will stand up for herself when needed. Jason said some mean things about her last year and she struggles with forgiving him for that. I really enjoyed reading their characters. I thought their relationship was sweet, realistic and yes, even romantic. While Abbey struggles with her feelings for Jason, she must also hide her feelings from her best friend (who has a crush on Jason!). How many times does that happen? All the time! However, I really appreciated how the girls dealt with their friendship while both having feelings for the same boy.

I loved Jason's character. He is charming, funny, and very sweet. At first we see him through Abbey's eyes and he can be a jerk. But as we get to know him, we realize he was just giving into the real peer pressures of high school, and he's actually a great guy.

I just really loved how easy this book was to read. A quick, fun, feel good read for romance lovers!

What left me wanting more:

As an older YA reader, I did find it hard to really appreciate Abbey and Jason's feelings because they are so young and just starting to deal with this feelings. However, that is just an age issue for me, and I was still able to thoroughly enjoy the book!

I would love to read more on Abbey and Jason as they go through high school. :)
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