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(Updated: April 24, 2014)
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I love to peruse Justine Magazine's YA selection of upcoming books. One book blurb caught my attention. ...If Buffy was Southern and grew up with manners, sweet tea, and Cotillion, she'd be Harper Price. I knew I had to have this book! So I ordered a copy of REBEL BELLE and let me tell you this book is filled with awesomeness sauce. Yes, it's that good!

What worked: The voice. Think Buffy meets Southern charm with super powers. I loved Harper Price's mannerisms such as using other words instead of swearing, her love of family which includes three adorable elderly aunts, her drive to succeed, and even her fantasies of dressing up in the perfect dress for Cotillion. Add to this the sudden turn when she's given a 'gift' which she finds makes her into a ninja-like person with super powers. Harper Price is the total example of a reluctant heroine. Seriously, what's a girl to do with this ability and still fulfill all her other important extracurricular activities?

Her voice is catchy, just like Buffy's in The Vampire Slayer with perfect one-liners throughout.

Harper's reluctance to become a 'Paladin', guardian over David Stark, not exactly her favorite person is very believable. How she tries to 'fit' in her new duties with everything else including the Cotillion is shown with humor and also some hummingbird cake(which I so want a piece of!)

I also liked the idea of her struggling against an attraction to the least likely boy ever! Even better, having her be his guardian kind of reminded me of the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer where she protected the guy.

A great new series from Rachel Hawkins sure to appeal to Buffy fans. Humorous with a bit of Southern charm this story will worm it's way into your heart. Great romance and coming of age story with a touch of magic. I want more!!!!
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