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The raven boys.
(Updated: April 18, 2014)
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This book shines when it comes to characters. We have a colorful cast and I appreciate how interesting the secondary characters are. I have a feeling everyone is playing a role and they aren’t ‘just’ there. I think that my favourite secondary character is Persephone. She has a whimsical, innocent and almost fairytale-like personality.

The Raven Boys are a fascinating group of boys, consisting of Gansey (the leader), Adam, Ronan and Noah. Blue is later added to that mix, because her special gift might come in handy and she has caught Adam’s attention. These two are incredibly sweet together and Adam was probably the raven boy I felt most connection with. Not because I’ve been in the same situation, but his actions, emotions and reactions felt very realistic to me. I have a soft spot for him. Gansey grew on me, but I don’t feel I know him well enough. I hope he shows more of his personality in The dream thieves.

Blue heard the same over and over again. You are going to kill your true love with a kiss. When she finally sees a ghost, it belongs to Gansey – and this means he will die soon. Their fates are connected and it’s one of the reasons she offers her help to him. Gansey is obsessed with finding the ley line, because once activated, he can find Glendower. There is a story that Glendower was buried, but he can be awakened and he will bestow you with a gift.

But The Raven Boys aren’t the only one looking for the ley line and it’s starting to get dangerous. You already know who the ‘villain’ is, but it didn’t make him less creepy. This is a person who is willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to get what he wants. The plot around the ley line and Glendower was good. I liked how we slowly figure out why Gansey needs to find it and the ending makes me very excited to see what is going to happen in The dream thieves.
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