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A great ending to a unique and complex story
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What I Loved: Cross really sold me on Jackson’s character in this last installment. I already liked him from the beginning, but just seeing him shine through in Timestorm, and being with him as he put all the puzzle pieces together was great. I’m also a major fan of Blake. He plays a key role in this book and it was cool getting to know him more and see how his part in all this played out. As far as the plot progression, it definitely picked up more so in this book than it did in Vortex, so I’m happy for that. The ending was quite a whirlwind and I really didn’t know how Cross was going to fix all the damage that time traveling caused the Earth. This book definitely riled a lot more emotions in me than I was expecting and I loved that it did that.

Left Me Wanting More: I’ll admit, parts of the story still had me confused at times (maybe I’m just not paying enough attention to the details), but that’s really just my own fault. Cross does write a compelling story. I also didn’t really care for Holly and Jackson’s relationship in this book. I was rooting for them since the beginning, but it waned a bit in Vortex and some weird things happened to them in this book that just made their relationship seem forced. Sure, in the end, the sweet factor was played up and I could see the couple I saw in the beginning, but through most of the book, the romance wasn’t there at all.

Final Verdict: Timestorm was definitely the ending I was hoping for. While I may have been lost a few times and things went just a little too outside my reach, I still respected what Cross wrote and appreciated her story. Her characters were excellent and that ending was just plain perfect.
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