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(Updated: April 04, 2014)
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Ok I officially join Ashley in the L'annabe, and screw HALO!

Well now that I said that :), I wanted to firstly point out how stunningly beautiful this cover is! Like seriously how can you not love it! & I know the say don't judge a book by it's cover but I so couldn't help it with this one. The covers what made me buy it. I am so glad I did to!

Besides the slow start I though Alienated was one of the best Aliens books I have read in YA! Aelyx had me *rolling on the floor* laughing so many times. His reactions on earth are amusing, and his research on human mating rituals, side-splitting! But then he uses some of his research on Cara and *swoon* that was so enchanting and passionate!

I loved the chemistry between Cara and Aelyx. They challenge eachother and teach one another. They start of "rocky", but as time passes and they learn more about eachother things change, and they become intrigued, and then before they knew it they realize they have fallen in love. They were in two words: Hella Cute!

One thing that really touched home for me was the *racism* aspect towards the L'eihrs's. If Aliens ever really become reality and a scenario like this happened I can see it playing out almost exactly the same. Our world may be past they hardcore racism days but it's still out there and exists. I know. My husband is half African American, making my children a quarter and it's sad I can say I have heard harsh comments.
Aelyx's words on Humans fearing the unknown is so true. Which is understandable, but another thing I think alot of people also suffer from is a lack of an opened mind. So many people are set in their ways, believe what they believe to the core, that nothing will change that. Open mindess is needed though, so you can fear the unknown but not be afraid enough to let it control you, so you'd want to understand it and see if it's something worth fearing or in fact be a *savior* in a way. If humans had more of and open mind in this book it could have totally played out differently.

Alienated by Melissa Landers turned out to be a spectacular story of romance, suspense, drama, comedy, and action. I can't wait to continue this out of this galaxy story, 2015 is WAY to far away!

If you are a fan of Aliens, Scifi, and romance that will put smile on your face then you defiantly need to pick up Alienated, now!! This book needs some more love!

Some favorite Quotes:

•?"Hasn't done anything wrong that you know of. Come on, Care. He's a total creeper and he's up to something. Besides, I don't like the way he looks at you."
"Huh?" Cara spun around with a belt in one hand and a skirt in the other. "How does he look at me?"
Tori raised a black brow. Then she made a circle with one hand and stuck her index finger through it in an X-rated puppet show. "Like he wants to dock his ship inside your spaceport." -Tori & Cara

•?"They keep pushing to read that unedited fan-fiction book with all the spanking. They know how I feel about it" - Eileen Sweeney (hahaha I had to mention this quote. I really could ever get myself to read it. It was just WAY to much!)

"It's chocolate. You'll love it."
"That's what you said about Skittles. I vomited a raindbow afterwards." -Cara & Aelyx
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