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There's a lot of promise in this paranormal story of a Fate that is doomed to live on Earth and the only way to return to Pyralis Terra is to kill a boy she finds herself attracted to.

What worked: I love the unique twist on Greek mythology with a Fate that is banished to our Earth to make sure the fates of humans unfold according to plan. There are some lush descriptions of Corinthe's world and the Crossroad-the netherland between worlds.

The beginning hooked me right in by showing Corinthe at work with the principal at her school. The result is tragic but gives readers a foreshadowing on what her duties are.

I also really connected with Luc, the boy that seems to have everything going against him. His plight and the struggles he went through felt very real including his love for his younger sis Jas.

What I had a hard time with had to be really being invested in the characters. Corinthe lack of emotion made it hard to really care for her fate. She felt wooden to me and just walked through the scenes. I guess I wanted more passion, something. I just didn't feel it.

Though I liked Luc, I didn't get or feel the chemistry between him and Corinthe. Why would he want to kiss her even when she had a knife to his throat? That didn't feel believable enough to me and was borderline creepy. Also I didn't buy the instant love connection. But that's just me.

Creepy twist on Greek mythology, sure to resonate with fans of Fallen.
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