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The Past Isn't Always The Way We Remember It
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What I Liked: Of all of the characters in this series, Nash Donovan is the Marked Man I like the best. He's up front and honest without being a jerk and for the most part, he allows himself and those around him, the freedom to make and hopefully learn from, their past mistakes. He and Saint, who is smart, independent and beautiful, are both quick to forgive other people, but her skewed version of the past and her almost unwillingness to move past it make the romance fall short for me.

I think it's safe to say that, we all have people who have hurt us in ways that would be incredibly difficult to overcome. If Saint really does feel Nash was "that guy", her eagerness to start any kind of relationship with him seems far fetched to me.

Jay Crownover, does however, make a compelling argument for what we perceive as truth about our pasts and ourselves, and how other people's choices can have a long lasting effect on us. She also emphasizes the importance of learning to love yourself before trying to love someone else which earns a big high-five from me!

What Left Me Wanting More: As with the other books in this series, strong language and graphic sexy times with a focus on strategically placed piercings abound. O.O

Final Verdict: Great addition to the series with a good message of forgiveness and hope.
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