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I'm a huge Julie Cross fan (*ahem* Tempest series), so I was excited to get an eARC of this book to review. Thank you Random House and Netgalley. Isabel is a child doctor prodigy waiting to get into her dream residency program (at the age of 18!), when her dreams come crashing down on her, she decides to study at a local university for a few months. There she meets Marshall, her hot RA, who is off limits.

What I loved:

Isabel is completely different from any female lead I've read about so far. She is insanely smart, socially awkward, forward, yet vulnerable in her own way. I loved her wit, her quirky ways and her fire. I was laughing out loud at quite a few things she said or did, but also felt my heart breaking for her while she was going through certain things that happen in the book. How refreshing to have a female lead like this!

Marshall. Hot RA, smart, witty, and knows how to work the ladies. I really adored Marshall's character, especially once I found out his "weakness". He really opened himself up to Isabel and I loved reading about their relationship and how they worked together to overcome certain obstacles in their lives.

I am by no means a doctor, or even really know doctor lingo, but Julie Cross has a way of putting it all into terms that I actually understood. I loved Isabel's twitter posts at the beginning of some of the chapters. I want to follow her. :) I really enjoyed reading about Marshall and Isabel's study sessions. *fans self*

What left me wanting more:

I would love to read more about Isabel & Marshall. I hope there is a second book of the series that at least lets us get a glimpse of their life now! I will read anything Julie Cross writes! Love her writing and her characters!
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