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The Plot. I loved how the author set up the plot of the book. It was masterfully written and the author described the setting in such a way that I can almost believe that the author was describing it from memory.

The author also made the conflict a big part of the book in such a way that it wasn’t a background to the love triangle. The triangle was an important part, but it didn’t overshadow the plot and make the reader lose focus. This book had an amazing depth and really immersed me in this new world. The author also managed to reveal surprise after surprise into the book and it was done in such a way to surprise the reader but flow with the story.

Alexa & Damian & Rylan. I loved Alexa’s bravery in her disguise. She didn’t allow anyone to doubt her or think of her less than she is, and always pushed herself past her breaking point. it was great to read about a character that had her own strength (outside and inside) and was able to defend herself. It made for an interesting read and allowed her character to interact with Damian and Rylan because she was able to react and interact with them in a different way than if she was “weak”.

I fell in love with Damian in this novel! I loved how he was defensive, sweet, and yet so secretive that it intrigued me and it intrigued Alexa. I also thought that it was great of how he acted around Alexa, almost like he was trying to stop himself from falling for her.

Rylan was great because he always seemed to be there when Alexa needed it. He also seemed to know more about Alexa than others did and I loved how he used it to protect her (even if she didn’t need it).

Other Characters. One of the characters that really added to the book was Damian’s father! He added so much suspense to the book and the way he affected the characters of the book really brought the emotions of the book to an all level high and allowed the characters to develop the bonds that they did.

The End. I loved how the book ended and how parts of the conflict were resolved. I would love to read a continuation of this book and other books by this author.
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